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Steitzhof Merinos

Steitzhof Merinos

Kalispell, MT

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Specialty raw wool fleeces and now processed wool for the craft industry is our focus. We keep our naturally colored purebred merino flock small looking for quality utilizing only the best techniques and genetics. We are a Grown in Montana business.

We raise naturally colored Merino sheep of Australian origin specifically for the handcraft community. We maximize our flock at the 25 finest over a spectrum of natural colors. We take pride in the longer staple, bolder crimp and less lanolin in this strain of merino. Our feed plan is aimed at longer staple and stronger fiber for the handspinner. Our sheep are pasture raised and jacketed for cleanliness and sun protection all year. We were very selective in our starter stock and continue to select to a higher level. In addition to fine and ultra-fine raw fleeces, this year we have added roving and yarn to our product line. These merinos are also a larger body and make an excellent dual purpose breed. We annually have a few breeder lambs available. Our flock is NCWGA registered. Steitzhof Merinos is a registered “Grown in Montana” entity. Our sheep live their lives in Montana. We feed only local hay and locally custom milled grain. Our roving and yarn is processed entirely in Montana.

Shipping Policy

We pride ourselves in filling and shipping orders as swiftly as possible. We have no employees and we occasionally are away from the farm for a few days. We will fill and ship as soon as we return. If you wish us to explore other shipping options, please send a note and we will be happy to prepare a shipping quote for your method or simply another competitive solution.

Return Policy

We have no employees and personnally check each item for quality before shipping. If you are not pleased with your selection within 30 days please send us a note with your reasons and find a suitable solution. We like happy customers.

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